Doula support

“What is a Doula?” and many variants of this question are asked of me often.

So if you know then I apologise for the next section and feel free to skip ahead, if you don’t then here goes…….

A Doula is (usually) a woman who is experienced in childbirth and can offer continuous support for women, their partners and families through pregnancy, labour, birth and early parenthood. We provide impartial, non judgemental and evidence based unwavering support. We are not clinicians but work in harmony with them to assist you with the best birth experience possible.

Evidence shows that the continuous presence of a Doula can:

  • Increase the chance of spontaneous labour
  • Reduce the need for pain relief during labour
  • Reduce the time in labour
  • Reduce the risk of intervention such as instrumentally assisted birth/Caesarean birth
  • Increase parental positivity of the birth experience
  • Increase the initiation of breastfeeding and continue beyond 6 weeks.

 Please take a look at my Doula Uk profile here. 

My wish for you is that you and your partner own your birth experience. As your Doula I would support this by being guided by your choices, nurturing and encouraging both of you to be confident in the choices you have made for yourselves and your baby.

Standard Birth Doula package:

A typical Doula package consists of an initial free meeting, this meeting is useful to establish that ‘perfect fit’ an emotional connection is key in Doula support. Following this meeting a support package is explored there is a standard package, however it can be adapted to fit your needs.

  • A minimum of two antenatal visits that serve to build a relationship, explore birth preferences, share hopes and fears and look at how best I can support you during pregnancy and birth.
  • Continual support via phone, text and email
  • I will go on call for you at week 38 of your pregnancy until week 42
  • When labour starts my support will fit your immediate needs and adapt as your labour progresses. I will remain with you all the time you need me offering you physical, emotional and practical caring support.
  • After your baby has been born I will remain with you helping to protect your golden hour and extending it onwards, assisting you with babies first feed, ensuring you are both comfortable and settled.
  • Continual support is available to you following the birth of your baby via phone, text and email for 6 weeks
  • One postnatal visit to debrief your birth experience and explore any additional support you might need

Postnatal Doula: 

A postnatal Doula service is completely bespoke to fit the needs of you and your family but might encompass the following needs:

  • Support with your feeding choice
  • Taking some much needed rest
  • Being listened to
  • Grabbing a soak in the bath
  • Support for siblings
  • Cooking a nutritious meal
  • Taking the dog for a walk
  • Help with light household tasks

Family matters, it absolutely matters, those memories of birth and the time that follows are the start of something so precious, so unique, pure magic and fundamentally life changing. A life is given, parents are created, siblings bonded, why should it not be empowering and beautiful, the best it can be for you? My belief is it that it absolutely should be!

I am fully insured with Morton Michel, hold an enhanced DBS certificate and paediatric first aid trained. 

Please do get in touch if you would like to explore the support I can offer you further.

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All fees can be paid in instalments.